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French Beans

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

French Beans
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There is the ideal way to cook French bean making sure that they keep their green and crunchy qualities:

Cooking French Beans:

  1. 500 g Fresh French beans
  2. 50 g grey sea salt


1) Bring 5 liters of water seasoned with 50 g of grey sea salt.
2) Wash your French beans and plunge them in the boiling water.
3) Make sure to keep your pot uncovered
4) Meanwhile, fill a large bowl up with some ice cubes and a bit of cold water.
5) Check that your French beans are cooked to your liking, then take them from the boiling water strait to the iced water using a skimmer.
6) When they are fully cooled, dry them well and place them in the fridge until you need them. Note they will have to be used within 24 h.

Green and crunchy, they are ideal to garnish a meat dish or in a salad.
credits photo : © delepine antony