Black Truffle

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Black Truffle

The black truffle, also called "black diamond" is an underground mushroom called scientifically Tuber melanosporum, of which the plant host is the oak. Known since millenium and used in cooks since Antiquity, this marvellous mushroom is particularly required for its perfume and the odor which it communicates to the dishes in which it is incorporates. Harvest is made December at March with the assistance amongst other things of truffle dogs drawn up for this purpose as of their youth.

Celebrated by the heads of the whole world through tastier receipts all the ones than the others, the Black Truffle is one of the pearls of our gastronomy. Many receipts could be enumerated here and this page would undoubtedly not be enough. If we must quote some of them, it would be first of all the omelette with truffles, so simple and yet sublimates, the "truffled" and stuffed turkey, star of our christmas tables, or even the foie gras truffés... A small easy way consists in preserving 24h00 in an airtight container of whole eggs and a truffle. Use then eggs marvelously scented with your suitability and you will regale yourselves...

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