Clairette de Die

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Clairette de Die

The "Clairette de Die" is a semi-sparkling wine with origins which go up with Antiquity. As of 77 after JC, Pline the Old quotes it in its Natural History. Texts of the XIVth century even state that its surface of production was already protected and that adding foreign wines to it was forbidden. The naturalness semi-sparkling of "Clairette de Die" make it an appreciated festival wine of the experts. The INAO (National Institute of the Labels of origin of the wines and brandies) very early recognizes its merits and confers it the title of Protected Appellation in 1942.

Composed of two type of vines, the clairette which gives it smoothness and lightness and the muscatel which brings its particular perfume to it, the Clairette de Die sees its surface of production extending on 32 villages and covers a surface of 1300 hectares. Wine difficult to work because of the small size of the properties and the stony configuration of the slopes where the vineyards are planted, the Clairette of Die is a wine of a large smoothness to the delicate aroma which you will appreciate quite fresh out of aperitif or during the day in the shade of an arbour in flower. It will accompany ideally your desserts, chocolate marrowy and other softnesses...

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