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Born like many of other cheeses from mountain activity monks and the communities villager to clear surfaces of mountain pastures intended for the grazing ground of the herds, Beaufort is a cheese of the high Savoyard valleys. Its single taste, its character specific born from its soil to the well delimited borders, are worth to him its title of "Prince of the Gruyeres". Beaufort profits from an origin controlled label since 1968. A plate of blue casein, guaranteed its authenticity.

It is appeared as a "grinding stone" from 40 to 60 kilos 60 cm in diameter on 16 cm height. Its taste is fruity and one finds the perfumes of the mountain pasture there slightly noisetés. It is easy to recognize: it is the only Gruyere whose crust is concave on the level of the heel. Taste it accompanied by a white wine of Savoy at the end of the meal or in the preparation of a delicious Savoyard fondue, or out of aperitif cut out in small dice.

credits photo : © Frédéric Prochasson -

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