Tomme de Savoie

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Tomme de Savoie

At the beginning, Tomme de Savoie was manufactured starting from skimmed milk remainder of the manufacture of butter. During the XVIIIth and XIXth century, the French privileged full fat cheeses and Tomme was then regarded as a cheese of the poor. Fatty Tomme appreciated but rare, was consumed at the time of the festivals. It is only since one score of years that Tomme of Savoy gained its letters of nobility according the cheese experts. It profits from a regional label since 1978 for the fatty tomme and 1989 for the thin tomme. In addition, it is protected today by an IGP (Protected Geographical Ascription) on a European level.

Not cooked pressed paste, Tomme de Savoie is produced according to strict criteria's which guarantee an excellent quality and its growing notoriety. The milk used in its manufacture comes exclusively from Savoy and Haute-Savoie. Tomme is also produced and refined slowly in this territory. Exclusively manufactured with milk of cow, its crust presents a particular gray flora, and according to refining, yellow or red moulds can appear on it. Its paste is white to pale yellow with small openings. Refining lasts on average 35 days. Of a soft savour and a flexible texture, you will regale yourselves of a section of this delicious cheese accompanied by wine glass of Savoy.

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