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Reblochon was first produced in XIIIth century, in Haute Savoie (Upper Savoy), in the valley of Thônes. It is a result of resourceful trickery of the farmers of that era. The rental of mountain pastures naturally was an expense to the farmers. They had to pay the pasture's owner a sum based on the total quantity of milk produced. In order to improve their quite modest lot, the farmers thus practised incomplete milking. After receiving payment, the owner left, and the farmers went back to work. They coaxed the remaining milk from the cows (reblocher means to remilk). This residual milk was high in fat content and served to produce the famous, tasty Reblochon.

The name of Reblochon cheese has been a controlled “appellation” since 1958, and one of the first regional products to bear an official designation. It is covered by a saffron coloured crust which in turn coats a fine white foamy mousse. These two characteristics generally indicate very high quality of production in a cool cellar. Revlochon's consistency and chewy quality leaves a pleasant aftertaste which tends to hazelnut. In addition to a place of choice on traditional cheese platters, Reblochon is also the principal ingredient of an local delicacy called “tartiflette”, a version of potatoes au gratin with chunks of Reblochon topping the potatoes.

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