Madeleine de Commercy

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Madeleine de Commercy

The village of Commercy saw the birth at the XVIIIth century of a small girl who was going to make the fame of this small corner of Lorraine. Teenager, the young maidservant called Madeleine entered to the service of the Duke Stanislas Leszczynski. The history would stop there if she had not had, one day, to replace the cook of the Duke, absent whereas its Master claimed to be nourished. She improvised a simple receipt which conquered the Master of the places. The madeleine de Commercy ricepe had been born.

This delicious pastry making prepares still today in a mould in the shape of shell St Jacques. It presents a beautiful yellow color gilded outside and a yellow crumb clearly and very marrowy inside. The characteristic and the marrowy of the madeleine de Commercy are due to the egg whites beaten in snow which are incorporated in the paste. Composed of Butter, flour, sugar and a tear of flower of Orange tree, it will level small and large around a delicious break.

credits photo : © Thomas Sandoz - FOTOLIA

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