Nancy Macaroon

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Nancy Macaroon

If there is a city in Lorraine which deserves a little break, it is indeed Nancy and its splendid architectural sets. Nancy conceals other treasures you will discover with the wire of the walks. You will be attracted soon by the heat and tasty odor of Nancy Macaroons. These delicious small cakes are lovingly prepared in some back-stores by Masters pastrycooks with the preserved knowledge from generation to generation since the creation of this tasty receipt, four centuries ago.

At the era of agroalimentary and industrial conditioning, there is still some craftsmen who defend our common past and it is good to know that. The receipt of Nancy Macaroons, of the name of two Sisters Converse of the community of the Ladies of the Blessed Sacrament of Nancy, the Sisters Macaroons, although very simple (delicate mixture of sugar, eggs and almonds of Provence), in fact a delicacy of most required. Taste it, you will became an "addict"...

credits photo : © Nathalie Dulex - FOTOLIA

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