Vin Gris des Côtes de Toul

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Vin Gris des Côtes de Toul

Made historically on the coast of Toul, on the east of Nancy, this « Blanc de Noirs » is a typical product of the soils of Lorraine. This specific vine was introduced in the area by the Romans along the Moselle River. The Dukes of Lorraine (as of Stanislas, previously king of Poland) and the bishops of Toul promoted the production and the marketing of this Vin Gris des Côtes de Toul highly esteemed even in the European Crown. VDQS (Vin De Qaulité Supérieure) since 1951, this wine was classified as an AOC in 1998.

Resulting from the Gamay type of vine, used especially in Beaujolais wine, the Vin Gris des Côtes de Toul develops intense fruity and floral flavours. Its coppered color and its astonishing length in mouth make of this Gray Wine a wonderfull moment appreciate between friends. Perfect out of aperitif or on a terrace into full afternoon, it delights the papillae. At the time of a meal, the Vin Gris des Côtes de Toul will accompany ideally savours such as couscous, tajines and other asian specialties, but also typical Lorraine cooking such as the Lorraine quiche or cake with bacon.

credits photo : © Olga Shelego - FOTOLIA

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