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Basquaise Mussels

Basquaise Mussels
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Prepare time :
Cooking time :
Total time :
Basquaise Mussels for 4 persons
  1. 2 kg of perfectly washed and scratched mussels,
  2. 6 skinned tomatoes and épépinées,
  3. 1 onion thinly sliced,
  4. 4 soupspoons of tomato puree,
  5. 1 glass of quality white wine, crumb of fresh bread, butter, parsley and fine spices, salt and pepper.


Heat up the frying pan with some butter, tomatoes, crumb of bread, the parsley and the fine spices added. Add Salt and pepper. Let cook approximately 15 minutes before adding mussels, onion, white wine, tomato puree diluted with a glass of water. Heat up for 15 good minutes.
Serve very warmly accompanied with the same white wine.
credits photo : moules© alain wacquier