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Aquitaine, a long time Roman, duchy Francs under Clovis, Kingdom under Charlemagne, English by the marriage of Alienor with Henri II, was a time known under the name of Guyenne. From the estuary of the Gironde to the chain of the Pyrenees, this vast area conceals historical treasures which make the happiness of its many visitors. So rich of traditions which it would be necessary more than these some lines to make the turn of it, we will retain this area bordered by the Atlantic, its long sand beaches, its luminous forests of Pines, its famous vineyards of Bordeaux, its not less famous prunes of Agen...

What could be more pleasant after the visit of the old parts of its historical capital, Bordeaux, than to taste in terrace an Oyster plate of the Basin of Arcachon sprinkled with glass of Entre Deux Mers or of Grave de Vayres, or to have a coffee on the Dijeaux's terrace inevitably served with small Canele, delicious local greediness. What could be more fun in summer than going down through the Moors towards the Basque Country, fatherland of the Feria of Bayonne and Ham of the same name. What could be more enthralling than the visit of the prehistoric Caves of Lascaux or the autumnal trott on the markets of Perigord. To "the instructive part" you will add a good amount of "gustatory" with splendid Foie gras, odorous truffles or Nut Oil which will make of a simple vinaigrette a true pleasure of the feelings.