Potted duck

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Potted duck

When South-west is evoked in gastronomy, we cannot forget foie gras and confit, whether they are of duck or goose. The cramming was used by the Egyptians as well as the Greeks or the Romans. This "art" could develop itself in Europe through the Jewish Diaspora. Indeed the Judaic religion, carrying many interdicts and food constraints, imposes the cooking and the conservation of the meat in oil or animal grease: the confit is not far... The flesh conservation in grease also answered a daily reality: fear of the shortage. Thus during centuries the principal interest of the fatty poultries was to constitute a reserve or preserves meat.

It was at the court of Henri IV, that the Confit left its country and utility use to make its entry, with its request, on the tables of the royal banquets. The magret has an origin much more recent. Invented in 1965 by Andre Daguin, it made possible to use part of fatty duck hitherto under-employed: the net. Used in many dishes such as cassoulet or the garbure (kind of meat bubble), taste Confit gilded and crusty accompanied ideally by sarladaises potatoes. Savours of south-west are with range of fork.

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