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A long time under the Visigoths domination before the arrival of the Francs, the Midi-Pyrénées area was a the fatherland of the Catharisme before seeing it disappearing under the blows from paring-iron from the Enquiry. Its capital, Toulouse, will see the birth of the first literary academy, ancestor of our French Academy but it will also have its "second hour" of glory with the story of the Air-mail at the beginning of the XXth century. Mermoz, Guillaumet or Saint-Exupéry will be the modern ambassadors of the city. Divided between a highly technological capital and a soil with so many authentic products, the Midi-Pyrénées continues to promote its softness and its pugnacity Feet anchored well in the ground and its roots, the head already in the stars.

This so rich soil, you will discover it through your stroll in its eight departments. Fatherland of the breeding of the lamb, you will find there fatty geese or duck and its famous foie gras or its delicious steaklets which is cooked smoked, out of salad, or hardly rosy... Its famous Black Truffle will make of a simple omelette a pure moment of happiness. Still let us quote the famous poultries of Gers and a multitude of cheeses : of course Roquefort, but also Laguiole, Blue of Causses, Rocamadour or Tomme of the Pyrenees. And this chapter will be uncomplete if we forget the wine tradition, with Cahors, Gaillac, Madiran and other Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh...

Produits du terroir en Midi-Pyrénées