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Chocolate Iced Soufflé

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Chocolate Iced Soufflé
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Prepare time :
Cooking time :
Total time :
Repos : 12 heures
  1. his is a nice dessert for the Saint Valentin (so for 2) ; the proportions below are for 6 (much easier to prepare for 6) but you can store 4 of them into the freezer
  2. You need 6 small individual soufflé moulds made of china or Teflon coated
  3. ½ lb excellent black chocolate (+70% cocoa)
  4. 1/3 lb caster sugar
  5. 5 egg yolks
  6. 7 fl oz milk
  7. 10 fl oz liquid cream (30% fat +)


1/ in a salad bowl, pour the yolks and sugar and whip until it becomes nearly white
2/ in a casserole pan, pour a few water drops then the milk ; make it boiling and pour on the yolks/sugar mixture then pour back into the casserole pan on a gentle heat on the hob while stirring with a wood spatula just like to make a custard then pour into a cold salad bowl
3/ pour hot water into another casserole pan on the hob, put an empty clean salad bowl on it, pour the chocolate cut into small pieces into the bowl and let it meld it down quickly
4/ pour the chocolate into the bowl containing the custard and whisk until full cooling down
5/ make a steady chantilly cream with the cream in a chilled salad bowl and incorporate it gently into the chocolate mixture and store the final mixture into the freezer during 5 minutes
6/ in the meantime, prepare the moulds : cut stripes of cooking paper and put them in the bottom and on the internal sides of the moulds so that they are 2 inches higher than the moulds
7/ pour the chocolate mixture into the moulds up to the top of the paper stripes and store into the freeze during 12 hours or more
8/ take them off the freezer 5-6 minutes before serving, get rid of the papers and sparkle bitter cocoa powder on top of the moulds
credits photo : © Couet Ivan - A.F.Touch