Brie de Meaux

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Brie de Meaux

The Brie de Meaux is a cheese with the fresh milk of cow, with soft paste and flowered crust. The cheese of the "country of Brie" seems known as of Charlemagne whose appreciated it extremely. Blanche of Navarre, countess of Champagne, sent some of those cheeses to king Philippe Auguste. In 1814, it accepted its nickname of "king of cheeses" and "Cheese of the kings" during a dinner organized by Talleyrand where each ambassador had been invited to make come from his country the cheese of his choice.

The curd is moulded manually using a "shovel for Brie". Salting with dry salt exclusively. It profits from a slow and regular refining during four weeks at least, during which the cheese is turned over several times by hands. To taste at the end of the meal, on toasts, the Brie de Meaux also part of many regional receipts. It puts up as well as possible with the Coast-of-Rhone which will emphasize the smoothness of its taste and its hazel nut notes or nervous and fruity red wine like Burgundy.

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