Crystallized Petals of Roses from Provins

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Crystallized Petals of Roses from Provins

The red Roses from Provins was introduced into the area in 1238 by Thibault IV the Singer, Count de Brie and of Champagne, on its return of Crusade.
This Roses was rented a long time for its medicinal virtues. The products
obtained of the "Rosa gallica" were well quickly required on all the
significant fairs of the Middle Ages, not only in the province, but in
whole Europe and also in the East. Crystallized Petals of Roses from Provins were traditionally offered to kings of France at the time of
their passages by Provins.

Today this delicious speciality continues to be produced by the last
craftsmen confectioners of the city according to a receipt and methods
several hundred years old. The petals, so delicate, are collected at the
end of August or at the beginning of September. They are then spread
out, sorted, washed, bleached, and crystallized in sugar. The receipts
of these craftsmen are a jealously kept secrecy who deserve that one
stops there. For some people, Crystallized Petals of Roses from Provins will be a true discovery, for us it belongs to these authentic
products which make the irresistible charm of our soils.

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