Meaux Mustard

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Meaux Mustard

The Meaux Mustard, cousin of the one of Dijon, differs from it by the use of the vinegar in its manufacture. Rustic and very pleasant mustard stops some, the Meaux Mustard is made starting from crushed or whole seeds. It's called then Old Mustard and, even if it's usually regarded as a strong mustard, this type of preparation confers it a certain softness.

The Meaux Mustard is easily recognizable in its pot in likings and thanks to its red wax seal. Ideal to raise cold meats or dishes such as the Pot-au-Feu, this excellent Old Mustard will give to your mayonnaise the characteristic crunching of whole Mustard seeds. Test the receipt of Maqueraux à la Meldoise and you will discover all the possible richness and variations around the Mustard Meaux Mustard...

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