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From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

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Another recipe adapted from my friend Maloub who worked with/for me during numerous years.

For 6 persons
  1. 1 veal foot, cut in two pieces in the lenght
  2. 600 grams (1.5 lb) beef meat for stew or "pot au feu"
  3. 2 large soupspoonfulls of olive oil
  4. 600 grams (1.5 lb) dry white beans
  5. 1 soupspoonful paprika (semi hot red pepper) powder
  6. 1 teaspoonfull caraway seeds in powder
  7. 6 cloves of garlic, degermed and crushed


The day before the meal (in the evening):
Pour the beans into cold water and change the water 3 times before cooking the beans the day after

The "D-day" :
1/Put, in a large tall pan, the 2 foot-halves, the meat, the drained beans and the olive oil and pour 4-5 liters (1 "big" gallon) water and gently boil during 1.5 hour (skim from time to time)
2/After those first 1.5 hour then, add the spices and the garlic and the salt and continue cooking during another 1.5 hour more at little boiling point

Present, into a presentation large dish, the beans with a skimmer and on top of them, the meat, cut into pieces and add one ladlefull hot cooking stock. The remaining stock is sieved and served into a soup tureen. Your kitchen will be full of the colours and fragances of Maghreb (North Africa)
credits photo : fotolia © bodabeau