AOC Montlouis-sur-Loire

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AOC Montlouis-sur-Loire

The vineyard of the Montlouis-sur-Loire extends on 700 ha around three communes from the Lussault-on-Loire, Saint-Martin-le-Beau and the Montlouis-on-Loire but only 300 ha can claim with the A.O.C of the same name.
Located at the edge the Loire and under a perfect sunning on a sandy soil mingled with flint, the AOC the Montlouis-sur-Loire with all qualities necessary to the realization of the high-class wines.

Composed exclusively of “chenin”, type of vine also known under the white name pineau of the Loire, the AOC the Montlouis-sur-Loire offers still, medium dry or soft wines to us, presenting a pleasant gilded dress which develop fruity quince aromas.

The very hot years as in 1976 can produce the large marrowy one whose l' life expectancy can reach the century.
This wine is tasted fresh and will accompany with happiness by calf, a black roll with boletus mushrooms or good goat's milk cheese...

credits photo : © Ben Goode - FOTOLIA

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