Colza oil

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Colza oil

With oils the choice is wide, but there is one that we would be wrong to ignore, it is the colza oil. Indeed its) application which allows to make drive buses in our big cities does not have to make us forget that it is about a quality product to the taste and to the nourishing characteristics exceptional.
Choose your colza oil “extra vierge”. Use it exclusively without cooking, are taste fruity and less imperious than oil of olives or walnut will be a delight for your salads, carpaccios, marinades and so on.
Dimensioned nutritional its low acid content fatty saturated, its excellent rates of omega 3 and 6 make of it an oil which decreases bad cholesterol while preserving our cardiovascular system.

Then do not hesitate any more to place an oil bottle of virgin extra colza beside your olive oil bottle in your kitchen. An occasion of more than vary the pleasures.

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