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Quincy is a small village of the department of Cher which depended formerly on the abbey of Vierzon. Wines that one pupil there draw their origins from the Sauvignon vineyard which was introduced by the monks of the abbey of Beaumont in 1620. The wines of Quincy extend on approximately 200 hectares and give a white wine delicious cousin of Sancerre of which he is also a nearby close relation.

Of pale color, Quincy is a right and incisive wine, marrying floral notes with a very mineral odor near to the stone with rifle, but with a nature rather reserved in its youth. Quincy is without any doubt one of the most accomplished expressions of Sauvignon. Expenses and fruity, it will accompany ideally by fish or shellfish but also small Crottin of Chavignol, another jewel of the regional production.

credits photo : © Olga Vasilkova - Fotolia.com

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