AOC Touraine wine

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AOC Touraine wine

As in many wine in France it is under the influence of the Roman occupation that the first traces of vineyard in Touraine appear. It was maintained thereafter by the monks obtaining thanks to the Loire and its affluents an ideal way for the development, the trade and the distribution these wines.
With the end of the XIXe century, the wines of Touraine one undergoes full whip will phylloxera it, and after the destruction of the vineyard, the vine growers chose to direct themselves towards a production of quality.
This effort was rewarded in 1939 by obtaining for the controlled label of origin " Coteaux de Touraine ". This AOC then gathered 39 communes of the department of Loir-et-Cher and was to modify in 1953 to become the current AOC Touraine.

Today Touraine name covers 8.000 hectares out of 146 communes. Ranging between 200 000 and 250 000 hectolitre, the production is divided for half of reds and another half of white.
The geographical extent, the diversity of the grounds and type of vines (mainly of Gamay) offers a wine panel very different the ones from the others, with nevertheless certain common characteristics, the red wines for example, are characterized by their lightness and their fruity.
Obviously the AOC Touraine deserves that one is interested in it, and its notoriety, largely under evaluated in comparison with its geographical neighbours, is an injustice that time and the heat which put its vine growers to propose to us of the products of quality will end up repairing.

credits photo : © Olga Shelego - FOTOLIA

Domaine du Rin du Bois 41230 SOINGS
Producteur de VINS AOC TOURAINE rouges blanc et rosé
La Haie Jallet 41130 CHâTILLON SUR CHER
Producteur de vins de Touraine.
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