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From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

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This recipe is the “auvergnat” version of the famous “ pôt au feu ” and its specification comes from the addition, by the end of the preparation, of some saffron.
Auvergne is a mountain area of the center of France.

This recipe below is a simplified
  1. voir all details, please refer to the “ pôt au feu” full recipe, on this site.
  2. pot-au-feu.


1/ In a large stew pan, pour a large piece of beef spare rib, a hen (without its organs) and a piece of raw dry ham from Auvergne (if possible), with its bone (very important)
2/ Fill the pan with water and make it boiling then remove the froth from time to time that forms on top of the water until there is no more and the stock remains clear. Then add carrots, turnips (all peeled), leeks, a branch of celeriac, a little of green cabbage, one or two onions and other vegetable as you can find
3/ Add little coarse salt, a little of crushed black pepper and let it softly cook during 2 hours still removing the froth if any and the fat from the top of the stock
4/ When all meats are cooked, serve them cut on a large hot dish, surrounded by the vegetables
5/ Get rid as much as possible of the fat of the stock and sieve carefully into another pan into which you have poured some saffron and make the stock boiling again a little moment. Serve the stock into a soup tureen or into soup dishes on dried cottage bread slices
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