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The pearl of Sancerrois is without any doubt its capital, Sancerre, splendid borough set up on a rock piton in the medium of the vines. From this village were born wines now famous... White of course, but also reds and rosy ones whose origin goes up at the beginning of our era. Pline in the Ist century and Gregoire de Tours in 582 praised of them already the merits! The culture of these exceptional vines was developed under the impulse, as of XIth century, of the Counts de Sancerre and especially of the Augustins monks of Saint-Satur.

The vineyards of Sancerre extend today on a few 2400 hect., AOC since 1936 for the White and 1959 for the Reds and the Rosy ones. The slopes of Sancerrois profit from a moderate microclimate and very stony, hot and healthy grounds which support the culture of the wine. The "Terres blanches" located at the west give vigorous wines whereas the "Caillotes", located at the foot of the city give light and fruitier wines. Lastly, to the east, the grounds richer in flint give wines charnus, with the characteristic bouquet. A rich and authenticates production to discover or rediscover urgently.

credits photo : Stock Food

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