Rillons de Tours

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Rillons de Tours

The pigs were often during the past centuries, one of the rare meat contributions to the food of the campaigns and the abbatage of a pig was not frequent thing. One killed some one to two per annum and the conservation of the meat was the major concern of the women of these times. From these reflexions on the conservation were born from many receipts and the "Rillons de Tours" is an example now famous, even if their manufacture concerns more the pleasures the table than true technical problems.

Rillons are pieces of chest of large thin pig like a fist, spiced, cooked for colouring then crystallized with grease. They are still manufactured by some good houses in the respect of the traditions which inspired Balzac these lines: "the famous rillettes and let us Rillons de Tours formed the principal element of the meal which we made in the middle of the day (...) They salivated while praising rillons them and residues of pig jumped in their grease and which resemble cooked truffles."

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