Salt flower

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Salt flower

Since the Middle-Age, the salt-water marshes make it possible to extract from sea water a salt which has many qualities thanks to the techniques of production, developments with the wire of the centuries by constant improvements. Guérande, Gwen Ran into Breton means the white country and it is of course with the marine salt and its exploitation that Guérande owes its name. For more than thousand years, the salt makers of Guérande have produced the salt and the flower of salt according to techniques and traditions' which are transmitted from generation to generation.

The Salt flower is formed at the hot hours of the afternoon. When the breeze cherishes the surface of water slightly, the extracting the salt from surfaces covers light veil: the Salt flower. This Salt flower is a rare salt. It appears only when time is hot and the light breeze; these days, a square produces on average 1 kg of Salt flower. Slightly dew and scented at the time of the gathering, the Salt flower becomes of a luminous white while drying. Become very quickly the salt of the gourmets, the Salt flower deserves her growing reputation.

credits photo : © Couet Ivan - A.F.Touch-cuisine

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