Vendée-Atlantic Oysters

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Vendée-Atlantic Oysters

France is a country where the products of the sea and Oysters in particular are appreciated. Our country counts seven large oyster basins and for each basin, several vintages of Oysters. The Vendée-Atlantic Oysters belong to these large coalfields. If the Vendean coast goes from the estuary of the Loire to the one of Charente, the Vendée-Atlantic Oysters, come from this natural shelters which is the Bay of Bourgneuf, from Pornic to Beauvoir-sur-Mer, closed by the Island of Noirmoutier.

The name Vendée-Atlantic Oysters was created in 1992 for dig Oysters high and refined out of basins low depth, the claires, where little salted and rich in plankton water supports the growth. Fines de Claires and Spéciales de Claires are famous since the XVIIIth century. Let us note that Croisic and its Croisicaise are classified with Breton Oysters although administratively included in the Countries of the Loire. After those few lines, the only thing you'll have to do is to taste a dozen of Vendée-Atlantic Oysters sprinkled with a small glass of Muscadet wine...

credits photo : © Jean Lenavetier - FOTOLIA

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