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Aftouch-cuisine's Fondue

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Aftouch-cuisine's Fondue
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This recipe has been specially created for our readers. It is based on products of my beloved Lot region.

Fondue recipe for 4-6 people :

  1. 2 duck fillets, trimmed and diced up
  2. 1 duck foie gras, trimmed and diced up
  3. 1 small bowl of red wine sauce
  4. 1 small bowl of
  5. 1 small bowl of garlic butter, melted
  6. 1 litre of rapeseed oil


1) About an hour before the meal place your cubes of foie gras into the freezer.
2) Place your fondue set at the centre of the table. Start heating up the oil.
3) Place few plates with the meat and the sauce dishes around the table.
4) The principle of this dish is to cook the cubes of meat in the boiling oil and accompany them with your favourite sauce.

Try it! You will spend a warm and tasty time with your friends. I would advise you to serve a "Cahors" red wine or a "Madiran" like a Chateau Montus with this dish.