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Quince Jelly

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Quince Jelly
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Ingredients list for quince jelly

  1. 2kg ripe quince
  2. the weight of granulated sugar will depend on the quantity of quince juice obtained.
  3. The juice of a lemon


1) Using a clean kitchen cloth wipe thoroughly the quince. Then, wash them in fresh water. Cut them in big cubes.
2) Place your quince in a pot and cover them (level with the fruit!) with some mineral water.
3) Cook the fruits for 35-40 minutes at a gentle simmer. Check if the fruits are cooked with an office knife. It must easily come out of the flesh of the quince.
4) Pass the juice trough a muslin cloth.
5) Weigh the quince juice and weigh the same amount of granulated sugar.
6) In a jam basin, pour the quince juice. Add the sugar and lemon juice. Bring to the boil and cook for 12 minutes.
7) Place a plate in the fridge.
8) After 12 minutes of cooking pour a few drops of the syrup onto the cold plate. If the syrup sets almost straight away the jelly is done. Pour the hot juice into your jars and close them tightly. Then, turn them upside down to cool down.

As for apples, quince contains a high level of pectin in their skin and pips. It makes the use of jam sugar unnecessary.
credits photo : © Philippe SURMELY