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Blackcurrant mustard back radish julienne

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An original and quite cheap starter. The blackcurrant mustard (specialty from Dijon, in Burgundy) might be tough to find but you could substitute a classic yellow mustard coloured with a few drops of a coloured berry/currant liquor


  • 1 nice and fresh (rigid) black radish
  • 1 soup spoonful of strong mustard
  • ½ soup spoonful of wine vinegar
  • 1 soup spoonful of rapeseed (if possible) oil
  • 1 soup spoonful of liquid cream
  • 2 soup spoonfuls of blackcurrant mustard
  • 2 soup spoonfuls of chilled mineral still water
  • Table salt and freshly ground black pepper



1/ pour into a salad bowl : strong mustard (not the blackcurrant one), vinegar, salt, pepper then add the oil and the cream, blend and keep in the fridge
2/ clean under water the radish, peel it and keep a few pieces of the black peel, cut the radish into very thin 2.5 inch long julienne with a sharp knife or a machine and pour it while blending (with a spoon) in several times into the cool dressing salad bowl at the time you make the julienne to prevent darkening
3/ pour the blackcurrant mustard into a bowl, then, using a whip, whisk gently while pouring the chilled water, adjust the seasoning and keep it in the fridge
4/ presentation : cut the few black peels you have kept into a thin julienne (for the decoration and the contrast), distribute the white radish julienne into 4 individual dishes, top with the black radish peel julienne and pour some diluted blackcurrant mustard
around the white julienne
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