Recettes de Basse-Normandie

recettes de basse-normandie

There is a presentation of recipes from basse-normandes. de Basse-Normandie

Recettes de Basse-Normandie

  • Starters (5)

  • Browned scallopsBrowned scallops
    comments (24)
    Browned sea scallops For 4 persons : 150 g of small button mushrooms 8 sea scallops (without the coral part) 1/2 liter of dry white wine 1 kg o...

    Camembert BonbonsCamembert Bonbons
    comments (17)
    Do not let yourself confused by the name of this recipe. It is a great recipe that will please every body. Camembert bonbons (sweets) recipe for 4 ...

    Crécy soupCrécy soup
    comments (11)
    A beautiful soup ; its name comes from a village close to Meaux (40 miles east of Paris) where the best carrots used to be produced 4 to 6 servings...

    Roasted scallops coated with hazelnut crumbsRoasted scallops coated with hazelnut crumbs
    comments (4)
    One recipe of our menu 'special end of the year celebrations'. (for 8 servings if part of a sampling menu or for 4 if a starter : 24 nice scallo...

    Scallops and Artichokes Cream SoupScallops and Artichokes Cream Soup
    comments (9)
    Scallops and artichokes soup for 6 people : 300g king scallops 350g artichokes 200g of button mushrooms 1 finely chopped shallot olive oil, butt...

  • Meat (2)

  • Roast Leg of Spring LambRoast Leg of Spring Lamb
    comments (92)
    There are several quality of leg of lamb found in France : leg of mutton, leg of lamb, leg of lamb "de pre-sale" (which are grazed on the sea shores o...

    Roast Rack of LambRoast Rack of Lamb
    comments (23)
    Roast rack of lamb recipe for 4 people : 2 French trimmed racks of lamb of 500-600g each 1 tbs Meaux mustard 1 tbs Fresh rosemary 1 tsp Fresh sum...

  • Fishes (2)

  • Moules (Mussels) mariniereMoules (Mussels) mariniere
    comments (28)
    4 Servings 4 litres "bouchot" Mussels 80 gms butter 4 med shallots; chopped fine 1/2 litre muscadet 1 heaped tb italian parsley; chopped coarse...

    Oysters in Chablis jellyOysters in Chablis jelly
    comments (3)
    Oysters in Chablis jelly (4 servings): 24 specially fattened greenish oysters (size N°3) 3/10 liter (a large cup or nearly half a bottle)of Chabli...

  • Other dishes (0)

  • Desserts (5)

  • Apple TurnoverApple Turnover
    comments (15)
    Why not bake a large one? Large apple turnover for 4 to 6 people : 400g puff pastry For the compote : 300g cooking apple, peeled, cored and dice...

    Carrot cakeCarrot cake
    comments (2)
    Carrot cake recipe for 8 people : 280g strong flour 280g new season carrots, peeled and grated 250g caster sugar 2 packets baking powder (30g) 10...

    Chocolate ToffeeChocolate Toffee
    comments (1)
    Recipe for about 20 chocolate toffees: 60g dark cooking chocolate, at least 50% cocoa. 60g unsalted butter 60g caster sugar 60g honey...

    Green Tomato JamGreen Tomato Jam
    comments (57)
    In the Falls there are always few green tomatoes left on the stem. Why not using them to make this tasty jam recipe ? To know all about jam making ...

    Normandy style apple frittersNormandy style apple fritters
    comments (7)
    serves 6 : For the batter : 250 grams strong flour (half a pound) 1 pinch of table salt 1/4 litre of lager 3 eggs (separated) 1 soup spoon of gr...

  • Sauces (0)

  • Vegetables (1)

  • Carrot pureeCarrot puree
    comments (5)
    This recipe make a great accompaniment to pan fried fish, grilled lamb chops or roast crustaceans. Carrot pure recipe for 4 to 6 people 600g peele...



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