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Fresh spaghetti with green olives

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Fresh spaghetti with green olives
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  1. resh spaghetti with green olives - for 4 persons
  2. 500 g grams of fresh spaghetti
  3. 100 g of stoned/pitted small green olives
  4. 50 g of dried preserved tomatoes
  5. 30 g of anchovy filets preserved in oil
  6. 10 g of capers
  7. a few leaves of basil
  8. 8 centiliters of olive oil
  9. table salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Make 5 liters of water boiling
2. While water is heating, heat the olive oil in a pan, add the olives, the anchovy filet cut in 2 parts, the dried tomatoes cut in big dice and the capers
3. Let them sweat in the covered pan during 5 minutes
4. When the water is boiling, salt it and pour the spaghetti making them standing up, then stir with a fork and count 2 minutes of cooking after water is boiling again
5. Quickly drain the spaghetti and add the foodstuff prepared in the pan, blend quickly with a wooden spoon, add (very few) table salt and some black pepper
6. Place the spaghetti very hot in a large hollow dish with minced basil leaves and eat it with a good Bandol (rosé wine from the Provence area) this nice beautiful and friendly dish
credits photo : © Asfaux Patrick- A.F.Touch

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Dubarry  2011-01-31

Hello Linda Well your granddaughter is not a teenager yet but you will find a few recipes that are easy to make onto the "recipe" then "dessert" section of this site, like the Carrot Cake, the Flan, the Chocolate Mousse. Keep us informed !

LINDA (invité)  2011-01-30

My granddaughter.Burkley needs a simple French dessert that a 7 year old could do with little help. This is a project for 3rd graders. Thanks

Dubarry  2009-12-28

Hi Difficult to answer your questions : do you mean an ordinary dinner for the week and for a week end when inviting guests or a festive dinner for Xmas (for this latter, you will find examples in the special "festive menus" report of this site) ? Answer depends on the number of people for the dinner, on the region in France etc... A standard simple dinner would include a simple starter or a soup, followed by (just on example) a roasted chicken or roastbeef servec with mashed potatoes or french fries or a "gratin dauphinois", then by some cheese (very french !) and fresh fruits or (if a week end) with an apple tart or a creamy desserty like a "crème brûlée") (recipe in this site). Bon appétit

Devika Naik (invité)  2009-12-26

i waneted to what exactly do french people eat for a full course dinner?