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From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

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Artichoke arrived in France in the 16th Century. It is a very healthy vegetable as it is rich in fibre and iron.
The artichoke "a la carte" was served in most of the great French restaurants until the 1980's. The name of that recipe came from that tradition.

Artichoke "a la carte" for 4 people :

  1. 4 globe artichokes
  2. 1 lemon
  3. some French dressing


1) Set up your steamer with some salted water.
2) Trim the stalks of the artichokes by pressing on the stalk (do not cut it) until it breaks. That way you will get rid off the stringy bits.
Then, cut off the top of the artichoke's leaves with a pair of kitchen scissors.
Place each artichokes on a slice of lemon and secure the lot with some kitchen string.
3) Place your artichokes into the steamer and cook them for 30 minutes. Then, check if they are cooked by taking a leaf out. If it comes out easily they are done. Otherwise prolong the cooking until cooked.
Let them to cool down at room temperature.
4) Now the technical bit! Plunge your 5 fingers half way through the thickness of the artichokes, until you get to the bottom of it. Then, slowly turn and remove the smaller leaves at the centre of the flower, set them aside for later. Then, remove the fluffy bits at the bottom with a spoon.
Remove the string and sit your artichokes on a tray. Then, fill them up with a couple of spoons of French dressing. Finally, place the centre, upside down, back in place.

Serve some French dressing to the side. You could well replace the French dressing with some yoghurt season with sherry vinegar and chives or a lemon and olive oil dressing or some roast peppers coulis...
credits photo : © Asfaux Patrick- A.F.Touch

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